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Eliminate Foggy Windows Using Just a Potato

There are few things better than a handy DIY car hack. We've seen plenty of 'em -- the good, the bad, and the WTF -- and while this simple hack from an episode of Autoblog's Car Hacks doesn't reinvent the wheel, it's definitely a helpful way to get rid of foggy windows before the damage is done and you can't see a thing during that morning commute.

Easily enough, you don't need a bunch of fancy tools to pull this hack off. All you need is a raw potato.

WATCH: The Potato Hack for Defogging Car Windows

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As host Amr demonstrates in the above video, it's actually the starch that's the key to the defogging process, as it creates a layer of film separating the moisture from the glass.

As far as actionable steps go, the whole process is pretty simple. First, you just need to find a completely undamaged potato, give it a rinse, and cut it in half. Seems easy enough, right? Pro tip: If you're struggling with this part, then maybe this car hack (or any hack in general) really isn't for you. In that case, you should probably just pray that you have a really good car defroster system.

Once your unbruised and washed potato half is good to go, just rub it on the inside of your windows. Boom, done! With tape placed on the window to differentiate the side with the potato hack from the side without, Amr lets the potatoed area dry for 15 minutes. Then, he takes a cup of boiling water and uses the steam, which simulates the fogging process, to test out the hack.

What do ya know? The side that was rubbed with the spud is fog free!

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