When it comes to DIY auto repair, YouTuber ChrisFix has come out with some phenomenal instructional videos over the years. His thorough breakdowns can make even the most daunting tasks seem doable. Like replacing a clutch, for example.

In this clutch replacement tutorial posted back in January, ChrisFix shows you how to replace a clutch, throw out bearing (also known as a release bearing), flywheel, pressure plate, pilot bearing, and rear main seal. Yeah, it doesn’t really get much more comprehensive than this.

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Per YouTube/Chris Fix:

My clutch was fine but my throwout bearing was bad so I decided to show how to replace all of the wear items while the transmission was off. This includes replacing the pilot bearing which the transmission input shaft goes into, the throwout bearing which engages the pressure plate via the clutch fork, the flywheel which I upgraded to an aluminum light weight flywheel, and finally the rear main seal because that is a common wear item which causes oil leaks in higher mileage motors.

With the transmission out, it is worth it to replace all of these parts now instead of having to do this all over again. Most clutch kits come with the throwout bearing and pilot bearing so you just need to buy a rear main seal.

Now, even after watching this video a few times, you might find that replacing a clutch isn’t the simplest of projects. Of course, you could always have a more skilled mechanic do it for you. If you can afford to shell out a decent amount of cash, that is.

But, if you’re looking for a cheaper way to get the job done and are willing to put the time in, a clutch assembly project may end up doing you plenty of good in the long run.

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