motorized drift trike YouTube: colinfurze
YouTube: colinfurze

Colin Furze has made quite the living from his YouTube videos that show off the British inventor’s off-the-wall contraptions and incredibly epic vehicles. Usually, Furze’s inventions are of the ridiculously work intensive, don’t-try-this-at-home variety. But, in a video from 2015, he showed us how to make a motorized drift trike, which as it turns out, is extremely doable, even if it’s your first project.

As Furze points out, this project is easily accessible for first timers, since “there is no gear linkage, cables to extend, wiring looms to alter, chain tensioners, hydraulic brakes, and complex exhausts to deal with as most of it is how it comes out the box.” Just the front of a BMX bike and a few steel offcuts.

Check out the video below. Do you feel like this is something you could finish?

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If you’re interested in getting your hands on a drift trike, but aren’t looking to go the whole DIY project route, there are several fully-built motorized tricycles available for purchase on Amazon. One of these is the Razor DXT Electric Drift Trike.

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Powered by a 500 watt high-torque motor chain-driven, the DXT electric trike can reach speeds up to 15 MPH. It has a 16″ front tire with a heavy-duty steel rim as well as 10″ cart-style rear wheels. Other features include a twist-grip throttle, a hand-operated front disc brake, moto-style handlebars, and adjustable foot pegs.

The DXT electric trike will costs a little more than $400, but if you’ve got twice the budget ($1,044 to be exact), you may also be interested in the motorized drift trike from Scooter X.

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With a 6.5-horsepower engine, this monstrous trike can go up to 40 MPH and has a massive 26″ front wheel. They’ll see you coming from a mile away in this beast.

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