It’d be an incredible thing to get your hands on a 1930’s era Ford Model A. That’s exactly what happened to this guy who couldn’t wait to fire it up. He started working on a few parts to make sure it was safe to turn over, when he tried to change the oil and hit a wall. The oil was barely dripping out when a friend suggested taking off the entire pan. Once they got it off, they had to film what they found.

The car apparently hadn’t had an oil change in roughly 50 years. The result was oil so think, you could cut it with a knife. Just take a look at the sludge that’s been coating this engine for decades upon decades. While most of us don’t mind going over the suggested 3,000 mile mark, just think of this every time you want to keep pushing back the time necessary to get your oil changed. It’d be awful to find anything close to this solidifying in your block.

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