An oil change in an Aston Martin is anything but simple

Because the Aston Martin V8 Vantage has a dry sump, there isn't a straightforward reservoir of oil underneath the engine that just needs to be drained and refilled. After warming up the car and starting the process of removing the proper plugs, our guide through this atypical oil change realizes he doesn't even know exactly what to do and has to resort to the internet to figure out how to get that pesky oil out.

The oil change requires a special kit, including a bolt that is used to remove the two oil bypass filters. After removing and cleaning the bypass filters, the traditional filter is next, but is of course an oddball Aston Martin size. After getting his channel locks stuck, it is a good time to remind everyone that oil filters don't need to be super tight. The poor guy runs into problem after problem, mostly due to incorrect parts or tools. As usual, the first attempt is always the hardest, but if you ever find yourself changing a Vantage's oil, learn from his mistakes and hopefully it goes smoothly on the first try.

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