‘Snittens’: The Perfect Gag Gift for People Who Never Use Kleenex

Who else has blown their nose into a face mask? I'm not judging. (Hey, I was out of tissue and didn't want to spread germs.) Well, gone are the days of blowing your nose into masks, shirt sleeves, or even mittens. Snittens are here to save the day.

HaHa Brand is the creator behind the functional gift. Get a pair of these and you won't have to hack or use your T-shirt sleeves ever again. Snittens will keep your gross bodily fluids all in one spot, with maximum absorbency.

Snittens-The Original Snot Mittens. Funny Gift for Men, Winter Gloves for Runners Hikers Skiers Gift for Men Left Out in The Cold Convenient Absorbent Funny

  • Funny Gift for Men
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This is the perfect gift for your snotty-nosed friends who act as they've never heard of Kleenex. We all know we have that one friend who always has boogers hanging on their upper lip, forming a snotsicle. (Frozen boogers.)

HaHa Brand says the material is durable and can withstand repetitive teasing and washing in detergent and hot water. Just be sure to wash your Snittens after each use and before shaking hands.) No one wants COVID or your boogers on their hands.

You can find Snittens on Amazon for only $19.99. It looks like people are actually putting them to use. A customer gave it a five-star rating and said, "Great gift. Bought for a skier. He laughed when he saw it & said he will be using it on the slopes."

I love playing practical jokes on people. I can't wait to give these to my buddy that's always dealing with allergies. Thanks to Snittens, they'll be good to go.

Remember, handkerchiefs are cool... if you're a great grandpa. It's Snittens for life!

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