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“There’s No Such Thing as Blinker Fluid”: Mom Pranks Son In Epic Way

I'll be honest. I did prank call parts stores a couple times as a kid. Calling an Auto Zone asking for a 'flux capacitor' was one of the funniest things ever when you're 13. The employee who answered the phone was so confused.

Either he's never seen "Back to the Future," or he truly thought I was asking for a fictional time machine piece for a car. Either way, there's always someone out there gullible enough to fall for car pranks. I highly recommend pranking people with 'blinker fluid.'

Do you have any blinker fluid?

If you're not familiar with the blinker fluid meme, just know there are many variations of the funny meme. Some are great pics of fake Auto Zone coupons, some are pics of prank victims, gifs, or TikToks of confused teens walking out of parts stores telling their parents, "blinker fluid doesn't exist."

LOL. I hope she told him headlight fluid will never be a thing. These videos always give car enthusiasts a huge amount of laughs.

I love these parents! Kids are always messing with their parents, and I think a harmless prank like this is good entertainment for the whole family (plus people who work at auto parts stores).

Well, it turns out auto parts stores are catching on. If parents are going to waste their time and send children into stores to buy 'blinker fluid,' they might as well capitalize on it. It looks like you can buy fake blinker fluid from some stores.

You have to love when pranks backfire. That poor mom was expecting for her daughter to come out empty handed and embarrassed. Maybe next time! Try sending her in for a flux capacitor, maybe?

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