80-year-old grandpa dirtbike prank
YouTube: Dean Wilson

Grandpa Pulls Crazy Dirt Bike Stunts in Hilarious Prank


So, Dean Wilson got this amazing idea to transform his appearance to look like an 80-year-old man back in 2018. When it was all said and done, "Grandpa Earl" actually looked pretty realistic. Wilson is a professional Supercross racer on the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna team, and he's surely proven that he knows how to handle a dirt bike.

Donning his hilarious disguise, Wilson had the perfect plan to prank some of his fellow friends and professional riders. He went undercover with his "grandson" and visited Fox Raceway in San Diego, California, posing as a spectator. It didn't take long before he walked around talking to all the teams, asking about their bikes, and playing a bit dumb. He ran across riders including Brian Deegan, Colt Nichols, and even Axell Hodges.

He started throwing a little trash talk out there as he told the riders that he was about to gear up and get on the track. If they weren't confused before, they surely were when he finally got out there and pinned the throttle. He does laps with Nichols, and doesn't hold anything back. I can only imagine what was going through his head as this old man passed him with ease. Wilson's hilarious commentary throughout the video will keep you cracking up.

The best part of the video is when he goes over to the big FMX ramp where Axell is hanging out. He claims he can hit the jump easily, but Axell tries to stop him from getting in over his head. Before he can do anything, Wilson takes off and heads straight for the ramp, getting some massive air time and sticking the landing perfectly. Hodges was impressed, and the two filmed more clips doing wheelies, jumps, and wall rides together.

It was an awesome prank that threw everyone off at first. I don't think anyone expected Grandpa Earl to shred the way that he did. I really hope they decide to bring him back one of these day for another day in the dirt!

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