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Dear Lord Baby Jesus, This 'Ricky Bobby' Face Mask is Hilarious

I whole-heartedly believe that "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" is the best Will Ferrell movie of all time. There, I said it. You can disagree and say that "Old School" or "Step Brothers" is the best, but there is no greater Will Ferrell character than Ricky Bobby.

The entire script is full of perfect one-liners and inspirational quotes from Ricky Bobby. "If you ain't first, you're last." "Shake and bake!" I love it. After you wake up and piss excellence, be sure to grab a Talladega Nights face mask before heading off to the grocery store.

Talladega Nights Face Masks


Coronavirus is no joke, and you should absolutely take precaution and wear a mask whenever you can. The pandemic is heartbreaking, but this "Shake and Bake" mask makes wearing one a bit better.

There is no better NASCAR duo than Ricky Bobby and Cal Naughton Jr.

2. Talladega Nights Mask- Texas Ranger

I cackle every time I hear Texas Ranger Bobby say, "I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew."

3. Pit Crew Mask

John C. Reilly would approve of this Talladega Nights face mask. You got to love the Wonder Bread design!

Whether my best friends like it or not, we're all getting matching Talladega Nights face masks.

4. If you aint first, you're last face mask

Jean Girard would not approve of this mask. Can I get this on a T-Shirt or hoodie too? Somehow, this has become my life motto.

5. I Piss Excellence Mask

Is there anyone more confident that Ricky Bobby? This mask is pure gold.

Be safe, y'all. Since COVID-19 has some of us stuck at home, make it a funny movie night and watch 'Talladega Nights.'

Until the United States has an official reopening date for all businesses, you might be able to put a smile on someone's face with these hilarious masks.

For a copy of 'Talladega Nights,' visit Amazon. Shake 'n bake!

This post was originally published on May 5, 2020.

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