mini jet boat new zealand
YouTube: Jet Zealand

Mini Jet Boating in This New Zealand Canyon Looks Like a Blast


I've never wanted my own mini jet boat so bad until I saw this video. YouTube channel Jet Zealand posted this mesmerizing video showing a Liquid Violation Boat with a Kawasaki 15F engine gliding through the beautiful narrow waters of New Zealand. This looks like an absolute blast, and it's pretty satisfying to watch.

For the first half of the video, there's some music over the top, so you can just vibe out as you watch these guys cruise through the channel. The footage and the tunes do go pretty well together, but if the music isn't your thing, it stops about halfway through. From then on, you get to hear all of the raw sounds. That includes the engine, the running water splashing on the hull, the rocks, the jumps, and all the good stuff. It basically feels like you're sitting in a the third seat as they rip along.

I don't think my local area has many cool spots to utilize a personal watercraft like this, but if I had access to a river like this one, you can bet I'd put one of these jet boats on my purchase list. It's pretty much the best of all worlds. You get a strong hull with enough space to comfortably fit yourself and a friend, and at the same time, you get the maneuverability and speed that you normally find with a jet ski. How can you not love it? The mini-sized one that's shown in the video is perfect for this narrow water passage.


When it comes to summer activities, it's pretty hard to beat something like this. With this awesome machine, the warm weather, and the water to cool you off, you're bound to have a good time. Hell, I need a vacation. Maybe I'll take a trip out to New Zealand.

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