Detonating a tire in the cabin
YouTube: Garage 54

Car Explodes After Man Overinflates Tire for Wild Experiment


Detonating a tire inside of a car and destroying said car definitely isn't your average DIY project, but for the guys over at YouTube channel Garage 54, it's pretty much par for the course. These Russian car enthusiasts are all about pulling off extreme experiments, and for this one, they put a wheel and tire inside an old Lada sedan (their favorite car to experiment on) and just kept on inflating.

With the help of some copper tubing, the Lada went from fully intact clunker to a complete shell of its former self.

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Per Jalopnik:

The Garage 54 team took a wheel from a UAZ (a company that builds mostly off-road SUVs and trucks), installed a fitting, and soldered on some copper tubing to that fitting, since a standard valve stem and a regular rubber fill hose can't handle particularly high pressures. Those high pressures were generated at the other end of the copper tubing via a gas-powered air compressor with a capacity of 4,500 PSI, according to Vlad.

The tire pressure never actually got anywhere close to that figure, with the rubber donut bursting spectacularly at 300 psi. Vlad says the 16-inch ID tire should have been able to hold 660 and 730 psi, so clearly this wasn't the greatest tire to start with. (It's worth noting that many SUV tires recommend a maximum pressure between 35 PSI and 50 PSI).

Can you believe that? All that damage done by just one overinflated tire? I mean, it looks like a grenade went off in there. Speaking of grenades, if you thought that Russians can do damage with just some air and a wheel, you should see what they can do with a little more firepower...even if it's accidental.


This post was originally published on July 18, 2019.


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