We trust robots and machines to do a lot for us these days. From building the very device you’re reading this article on, to manufacturing the tires on your car. It’s tough to beat the accuracy and speed of machinery, but for NASCAR and NHRA racers, only humans need apply.

Goodyear recently made a video showing how tires are made for NASCAR and NHRA race cars. It was posted to the United Steelworkers’ Facebook page and highlights how each tire is made by hand. The men and women who make these tires are extremely proud of their work, and they even put a little sticker on the sidewall of each tire with their name on it. These tradesmen understand the only part of the car that contacts the road is the tire, and they want each and every racer using their rubber, to be as safe as possible.

Check out how each NASCAR tire is made by hand United Steelworkers/Facebook
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