A Day in the Life Over The Road Trucker
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Video Shows a Day in the Life of an Over-the-Road Trucker



Shelby's not your typical truck driver. Well, she is, in that she performs all of the functions of driving a truck across the country, delivering enormous loads of cargo to various destinations.

But, there are a few things that make her stand out from the rest of the pack. First, she's got a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Florida State University. While the Fort Myers native always considered the possibility that her destiny wasn't in a traditional enterprise, it wasn't until she was working on her Master's Degree that she realized that she really, really wanted to check out the world as an over-the-road trucker.

One thing she noticed on her journey was the lack of information for folks who were looking towards getting their CDL. As a result, she's doing everything she can to spread awareness and information about what trucker life is really like.


In this video, we watch Shelby drop off a load of frozen foods, then make the trip from Salt Lake City, Utah to Montana. We join her and her faithful road pup as they make the voyage, pausing for doggie potty breaks and exercise pit stops.

Ever wonder how difficult the docking maneuvers are for these giant rigs? Watch Shelby expertly weave through illegally parked cars and concrete barriers in reverse as she delivers load after load of frozen food along her route. From securing loads to dealing with normal, daily occurrences like loading docks that are too narrow to open and close her trailer doors, this video takes the viewer through a bunch of the little things you probably wouldn't ever consider if you'd never been an over-the-road trucker before.

The cab of Shelby's truck is enormous, nearly swallowing her and her dog, but the view from her seat is absolutely incredible. Here is a young woman who has followed her dreams, jumping off the prescribed "track" she thought her life would take, and living life to the fullest behind the wheel.

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