peterbilt vs. dodge ram pickup
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Peterbilt Shows Its Pure Power by Outrunning Ram Pickup


People often tend to forget just how much power a semi truck actually has. This is particularly noticeable when that truck is bobtailing. Granted, this is not just some truck right from the factory. As you can tell from the billowing smoke coming from the stacks, this Peterbilt has definitely had some money dumped into it, but this driver is clearly getting some use out of his engine modifications.

Take a look at the back of this semi, and you'll find the name "You Gotta Love It." I can't think of a more suitable name for this truck, especially after this instance. As it turn the corner and heads down the road, a Dodge Ram pickup truck follows behind. After getting smoked out, the road opens up to include a passing lane for a short period of time. The Ram decides to try his luck and attempt to pass the big truck, but he gets shut down pretty quickly.

Immediately, the semi puts the hammer down, and the pickup is unable to surpass his speed. The passing lane eventually runs out, and the road changes back to a single lane. The Ram has no choice but to accept defeat and stay behind the truck. Talk about a shot to the ego, especially considering you can hear his significant other in the passenger seat. If there's ever been an excuse to get some new engine upgrades, this is it.


Never underestimate what these trucks are capable of. With a giant diesel engine, they produce massive amounts of torque, and if they decide they want to outrun you, most of the time they can. It's always awesome watching a powerful Peterbilt stretch its legs. Outrunning vehicles seems like a pretty fun hobby when you're taking a short break from hauling heavy loads around.

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