miller lite truck crash
YouTube: FOX 46 Charlotte

Miller Lite Truck Crashes Into North Carolina Home

Doesn't this truck driver know he's not supposed to be drinking the product? Jokes, of course, but back in January, a Miller Lite truck flew off the road and smashed through the side of a house in Charlotte, North Carolina, injuring the driver and creating quite a mess in the process.

As you can see from the clips of the news report from Fox 46 Charlotte, this semi truck knocked down a wall and almost made its way completely inside the house. It took two different tow trucks and a couple hours to actually get it removed. Luckily, the owners of the house were at work during this time, so they avoided any involvement in the dangerous situation. Neighbors claimed that the collision was so loud and violent that they had thought it was their own homes before seeing what had actually happened.

Information is still a bit unclear as to how this trucker got into this situation, but I would imagine that this will likely be the end of his trucking career. That's not exactly an incident that a trucking company can just shrug off. Hell, they need to give these homeowners free Miller Lite for life to make up for this one. It's a good thing these trucking companies have extremely high insurance policies, because this isn't going to be a cheap one to fix. Other than the driver receiving a few minor injuries, no one else was hurt, and that's the most fortunate part of this whole ordeal.

Things could have been completely different had the owners been home at the time. I'm sure that was quite an interesting phone call to receive while at work. It may have been a bit of a downer at the time, but I'm sure things will look up after they see the dollar figure on that insurance check in a few months.

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