d11 dozers on farm
YouTube: KFOR Oklahoma's News 4

Satisfying Video Shows Massive Bulldozers Putting in Serious Farm Work


There's something so satisfying that comes with watching these bulldozers do what they do best. Nothing quite compares to the sheer size and ability of the D11 dozer in particular. In my opinion, the operators of these earth movers have one of the greatest jobs on earth. If you need further proof, just sit back and witness the progress that gets made on this project in Northern NSW, Australia.

This heavy equipment was called out to this location in order to fix some flood erosion, and to make some new contour banks with the help of the GPS leveling systems onboard. It's almost mind-boggling to witness just how easily they can push around thousands of pounds of dirt. Having two of them on site means having the ability to knock out tons of work in a fraction of the time. It should go without saying, but it's more than easy to cause some damage with something as powerful as this, and that's why you won't find many rookie operators behind the controls. These guys know what they're doing.

Unsurprisingly, they included a clip of the dozers eventually taking a break to grab some fuel, because you know damn well these are some thirsty machines. However, one of the most intriguing parts of the video is when they start to till the ground. Even though the blades are absolutely massive, it cuts through the land as if it were a knife through butter. There's truly not very much that will slow these D11's down. Before you know it, they're well on their way to filling up the gap in the damaged land. Having the right tools for the job really makes the task easier.

The Jackson Brothers are pretty regular posters on their YouTube channel, so if this is something that peaked your interest, I'd go and check out their other content. This type of footage never really gets old. And, who knows? It might even persuade you to start the journey of becoming an operator.

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