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15 Hilarious and Harmless DIY Car Pranks

Who doesn't love a good practical joke? Turns out, there are tons of harmless pranks you can pull on a family member or friend's car. They won't even know what hit them, and that makes the reaction even better.

Below, we're going to check out 15 of the best car pranks. Who knows, maybe this will even inspire you to try out some of these epic DIY prank ideas for yourself? Plus, you don't even need to wait until April Fool's Day to try them out! Your friends or family may hate you in the moment, but they'll eventually laugh it off. Hopefully.

15 of the Best Car Pranks

1. Driveshaft Zip Ties

Simple and effective. Just secure a few zip ties to the driveshaft, and it'll make all kinds of racket while driving. It'll sound like something is broken, but it won't actually cause any damage to the prank victim's car.

2. Saran Wrap

The classic plastic wrap prank. Throw a few layers around the entire car, and the victim will be left absolutely dumbfounded when they walk to the parking lot or driveway. It does take a while to set up and remove, but you can't go wrong with this one.

3. Sticky Notes

This has got to be one of the most time-consuming pranks, but it always yields an amazing reaction. Buy lots of post-it notes, and stick them to the car windows, mirrors, and body panels of your friend's car. It's hilarious, but man, is it a messy cleanup.

4. Train Horn Swap

Changing out your regular car horn to a train horn is bound to catch people by surprise. Give it a good honk when someone is near, and watch them get the scare of a lifetime. If you've ever heard one in person, you'll know these things are obnoxiously loud!

5. Horn Wired to Brake

Sticking to the theme of horns, this is a pretty good one. You may need some experience with electrical work to pull it off, but wiring the horn to the brake lights is beyond brilliant. The prank victim will have absolutely no clue what's going on or how to stop it. Chances are, they won't get very far.

6. Grenade Whistle Exhaust

There are tons of different exhaust whistles available online that you can tape onto the exhaust pipe of your friend's ride for a solid prank. This video in particular is interesting because they use a huge grenade whistle. Imagine unsuspectingly hearing that come out of the tailpipe when you start your car!

7. Ball Pit Interior

This YouTuber prankster got her boyfriend good with this practical joke. She filled the entire interior of the car with balls from a ball pit. Once he opened the door, they went absolutely everywhere, and his jaw hit the floor. You'll need a lot of balls to pull it off, though.

8. Item on the Car Roof

This is one of the more unique car pranks out there. Using a box and a few magnets, you can stick different items on the roof of your car. Proceed to drive around watching as people try to warn you about what's on the roof.

9. Snow Pile

Now, this is much more easily achieved if you have a piece of heavier equipment to do all the heavy lifting. Burying a car up to its roof in snow leaves the owner just as stranded as the plastic wrap prank would. They may not be happy about it, but hey, it's still a funny car prank.

10. Lego Car Replica

A couple co-workers organized this prank on their boss. They made a full-sized replica of his car out of Legos, and swapped it in place of his actual car. There's no way that was cheap to build, but I'd say they all got a pretty great reaction out of it.

11. Talking Deer

It's not everyday you see a deer strapped to the hood of a car, let alone one that talks to you. With the combination of taxidermy and a speaker, you can really freak people out with this prank. Watching the people that were taken by surprise by this is gold.

12. Sleeping Passenger Scare

This is the ideal prank to pull on your friends and family during some kind of road trip. Someone will eventually fall asleep, and that'll be the victim. Everyone else in the car just synchronizes a fearful scream, and they'll wake up out of their sleep in a panic.

13. Balloon Pop

Placing an expanded balloon underneath the tire of a parked car works every time. As the driver gets in and tries to move, the balloon will pop, and they'll think the tire just blew out. It won't do any damage, and it's good for a quick laugh.

14. Stolen Car Prank

If you know of a way to get your hands on your friend's spare car keys, give this funny prank video a watch. Moving their vehicle while they're in a store will cause utter confusion as they try to return to it. If they know you well enough, they may even give you a call as they try to figure it out.

15. Window Paint

How could I leave out the traditional window paint job? With car paint like this, creativity is endless. Use the car windows as your blank canvas for whatever your heart desires, and watch their reaction once the driver finally sees it.

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