female stunt driver plays dumb blonde to blind dates
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This Ford Mustang Prank Fooled Countless Guys Who Thought They Were Dealing With a Completely Different Woman


Ah, the "dumb blonde" stereotype. It's guaranteed to throw practically any guy off, especially with a woman as good looking as this one. Her blind dates were all looking to impress her, but in the end, it was her who would be impressing them with her unreal driving skills.

Turns out, she's a professional stunt driver, and she took these unsuspecting guys on the ride of their life.

What started as a blind date in a restaurant turned into a drive to the next destination in her Ford Mustang. She played the role as if she had no idea how to even drive stick, and some of the men offered some helpful tips so that they could get down the road safely.


Things changed drastically, though, when she eventually turned into an open parking lot and put the throttle to the floor. You can physically see the jaws of some of these men drop as they try and comprehend what is going on, but their reactions are beyond hilarious.

This female stunt driver rips some high-speed drifts and donuts, burning entirely through her rear tires in the process. While most of the men in the passenger seat got a kick out of it, there were a couple who appeared to be holding on for dear life. The man in the blue button up gets hit with an uncontrollable laughing fit during the stunt.

It's safe to say each of these guys had no idea what they were getting into. Eventually, they came to a stop, and she informed them of the cameras that were filming the entire scene. You've gotta love that classic "gotcha" moment.

In all honesty, this had to be a bit of a let-down for some of these blind daters. I'm sure she won the hearts of those guys during her driving stunt, so it was likely a little upsetting to find out it was all just for a video. Regardless, that was probably one of the more fun dates that any of them have ever been on. One thing is for sure: This woman knows how to drive!


This post was originally published on June 15, 2021.

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