cannon shoots golf ball through pickup truck
YouTube: idahojim53

Cannon Shoots Golf Ball Through Chevy Truck Door


Ever wonder how much damage a golf ball can do? Sure, you can hit the ball with a club at a high enough velocity to make it a dangerous projectile, but what if you wanted to take it a step further? These guys did just that by stuffing the golf ball into an old-school cannon, and shooting it directly at an old pickup truck.

Just looking at the cannon sitting there is an intimidating sight, and as they load the golf ball inside, they get ready for the mayhem that is about to ensue. They stand back, finally take the shot right into the door of the truck, and the results are incredible. It blows a perfect golf ball-sized hole right into the metal, and you could certainly feel the power behind the shot as it goes off.

The ball penetrates through the door with ease, but it doesn't exactly make it out the other side. It takes a little while to find where exactly the ball went, but the two men eventually find it. You can see the paint marks all over it, but it's pretty astounding that it didn't appear to lose much of its shape if at all. Hell, they could've probably stuffed it back into the cannon and taken another shot if they wanted to!


Something tells me that there was a little bit of drinking involved before they came up with this bright idea. Don't get me wrong, It seems like a blast to do this, but I think it's a pretty good assumption that they had a couple beforehand. If this golf ball has potential to go through the truck door like this, it does make me wonder what other things you could shoot with this cannon. It definitely seems like one hell of a way to spend your afternoon out in the country.

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