bear climbs on top of car
YouTube: bird_ink

Bear Damn Near Climbs Through the Windshield of Yellowstone Tourist's Car


You know, I'd put bears on the long list of animals you don't want to mess with. The sheer size and strength of a fully grown brown bear is simply remarkable, and these tourists partially experienced that firsthand during their sightseeing at Yellowstone. Check out the video above to see this bear get up close and personal with this nervous family.

This is one of the few times I would actually agree with a screaming child's opinion. That kid was beyond freaked out and wanted to get out of dodge so bad, but the parents were definitely taking their sweet time to avoid this dangerous situation. As soon as the car first pulls up, the first brown bear comes walking out into the road and blocks the path. It begins to walk closer and closer to the car, and the father starts to worry about the paint on his car as soon as the bear put its paws on the hood. They try to reverse a little bit, but this only intrigues the bears even further.

At this point, this kid starts crying, and the parents are trying to figure out what the hell to do while simultaneously trying to calm their child. Things get even more interesting as the bear then jumps completely on top of the hood. The mom kept repeating that the bears couldn't hurt them, but in reality, they very much could if they wanted to. This was getting to be more and more dangerous, until they finally get the idea to start moving forward away from the bears. Eventually, the bears backed off of the car so they could make their great escape.


Remember people, when doing a tour such as this, the standard rules are to keep the vehicle moving. Stopping in this situation only gives the animals more time to do some damage. That said, this bear certainly didn't seem to want some tourists stepping on his turf that day, and I can only imagine that left some damage on the vehicle. The good thing is everyone made it out unharmed, and the kid was likely the most thankful for that part.

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