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This Trained Bear Named Tim Is the Friendliest Motorcycle Passenger


Imagine driving down the road and spotting a bear. That's a terrifying image, right?

Now, imagine driving down the road and seeing a bear...riding in a motorcycle's sidecar and waving at you. That's not necessarily a scary image, but it would certainly be jarring. Definitely not something you see every day. Enough to make you do a double take, that's for sure.

Well, back in July 2017, drivers in Arkhangelsk, Russia were treated to two bikers riding along with a 250-pound circus bear. Apparently named Tim, this fury dude sat calmly in the sidecar and waved at cars passing by like he was an A-list celebrity. Only in freakin' Russia, am I right?!


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According to the video's description (because you better believe this wild occurrence was caught on video), "Tatiana, the 'Area 29' circus administrator, said local bikers have supported and agreed to ride with Tim. The motorcycle driver Michael said that it was his first time communicating with the bear, but that he is not afraid. 'The main thing is to not let Tim climb behind the wheel!'"

Now, as you probably guessed, this isn't the first time that Tim and his two friends from the circus, which is run by the local Polar Wolves bike club, have made an appearance in town. They're practically local celebrities!

As you can see in the video, the bear behaved very well while riding down the road, and one of the bikers can be seen giving him a treat. Sure, Tim seems very nice and friendly, but I'd still probably be a little freaked out if I saw a large bear while driving down the road. Even if he did wave.


You can take the bear out of the forest, but you can't take the forest out of the bear, if you catch my drift.

This post was originally published on July 19, 2017.

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