bad motherfcker wallet
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Pulp Fiction's "BMF" Wallet Helps Everyone Be Cool Like Jules Winnfield


"Now, I want you to go in that bag and find my wallet. Which one is it? It's the one that says bad mother f*cker." Just about anything that comes out of Samuel L. Jackson's mouth is iconic. Anytime Quentin Tarantino is releasing a new movie, I pray he's in it.

There are tons of notable quotes from his characters, but the BMF scene from 'Pulp Fiction' is top two, and it's not number two. God forbid it, but if anyone ever tries to rob me, I hope I'm as tough as Jules Winnfield. Just in case, I'll be sure to keep the 'bad motherf*cker" wallet in my purse.

BMF Embroidered Genuine Leather Wallet Brown Authentic BMF

  • Great durability
  • Under $25
  • Amazon Prime eligible
  • Great gift for Tarantino & Samuel L. Jackson fans

There are so many movies being made in Hollywood today, but nothing compares to Pulp Fiction. That movie is gold. I mean, I even wrote an entire philosophy paper about Butch Coolidge in college. (I know, I am a total film nerd.) Which is why I need it.


This wallet is badass! You can find the bad mother f*cker wallet on Amazon today. The slim wallet will hold all of your credit cards and cash. A customer gave it a five-star rating and said, "There were several of these wallets at different price points so I looked through the reviews for the one I felt was of the best quality. This one was a good choice and didn't disappoint."

Place this wallet in Dad's stocking for Christmas or give it to him for Father's Day. Or, of course, keep it for yourself! Are you a true Tarantino fan? Then you might like this keychain. The infamous p*ssy wagon keychain from 'Kill Bill' is available on Amazon. Add it to your wishlist today, and create the ultimate Tarantino memorabilia gift guide.

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