Shawn Langdon 0-316 mph in under 4 seconds
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Drag Racer Reaches 316 MPH in Under 4 Seconds


Come aboard Shawn Langdon's Top Fuel dragster as he dominates this epic launch!

Before his lightning-fast run at the Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park back in 2013, Langdon brought a camera along for the ride, so we get a sweet first-person POV look of him hitting 316 MPH in an astonishing 3.77 seconds. Little bit different than watching a drag run from the outside, isn't it?

Trust me, you'll want to watch this epic drag racing moment again and again and again. Just make sure you don't blink at all, or you'll gonna have to start the video from the one-second mark.


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Wow. The roar of the engine alone is enough to get your heart racing. Even just from watching that short clip, you can get a pretty solid idea that the rush you get from drag racing is unlike any other. Shawn Langdon knows that rush all too well, as the 37-year-old California native and racer for Kalitta Motorsports has 14 NHRA Top Fuel wins and Top Fuel championship to his name. Back in April 2019, he picked up his first Funny Car win. Yeah, there's definitely nothing funny about this guy's skills.

Now, pushing a dragster more than 300 MPH is one thing. But, actually winning a drag race? That has to be an adrenaline rush on a whole other level. It's just you and one other racer, and in only a few short seconds, you go from locked and loaded to shooting off like a high-powered rocket. There's not much time for trash talk. In this sport, you're forced to put your money where your mouth is pretty damn quickly.


These drag racers really are a different breed, man.

This post was originally published on February 28, 2019.

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