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Dale Jr. Searches eBay Daily for This Vintage Dale Earnhardt T-shirt


On February 18, 2001, the entire racing world was completely devastated when Dale Earnhardt died from injuries sustained during a crash at the Daytona 500.

If complete strangers reacted the way they did to Earnhardt's death, then you can only imagine how the late NASCAR legend's son, Dale Earnhardt Jr., felt after that fateful day. Sure, Junior may not have had the easiest childhood growing up in the shadow of a NASCAR giant, but Dale Sr. was not only a father to Dale Jr., but a hero and mentor as well.

Though it may have been 17 years since Earnhardt tragically passed on, Junior celebrates his dad's memory as often as possible.

One of the many ways that Junior chooses to remember his pops is through an impressive collection of vintage Dale Earnhardt T-shirts. But, there is still one shirt that has continually avoided his grasp: a vintage Dale Earnhardt Rookie of the Year T-shirt from 1979.


Even with all the things he has going on -- from owning JR Motorsports to working as a broadcaster on NBC to hosting a weekly podcast to taking care of his kid -- Dale Junior still makes a point to search for that special T-shirt every single day on eBay.

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As Dale points out in the above tweet, his wife, Amy, is lucky enough to be a proud owner of the vintage shirt, but Junior is still looking for one that fits him just right.

Oh, and for all of you wondering why the hell Junior is looking for the shirt in an XL, he cleared that up in a follow-up tweet.

Hopefully, Dale eventually gets his hands on that elusive T-shirt. But, until then, he'll just have to make due with the tons of other Dale Earnhardt vintage T-shirts in his collection.





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