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Souped-up Truck Smokes Lamborghini With 217 MPH Top Speed in Street Race


The driver of an orange Lamborghini definitely picked the wrong truck to mess with in East Bethel, Minnesota. Judging from the souped-up Lambo's specs -- 0-60 MPH in 2.9 seconds and a top-speed of 217 MPH -- you would probably think that it would have no problem smoking most sports cars in a street race, let alone a truck. Not the case. Not the case at all.

As the truck's owner points out, his truck was no ordinary one.

"I had seen the Lambo at a couple local car shows," the owner wrote in the video description. "Me and my best buddy had just recently rebuilt the whole truck. I asked the Lambo owner if we could set up a race. We talked a few times and a month or so later we met up for a race. I pulled the truck out went down the road and we raced."


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Now, I don't know if the Lambo driver wasn't an experienced enough driver, if he didn't try, or if the truck really was that much of a beast, but you have to admit, that's not the ending any of us could have expected. You'd have to imagine, just for the sake of the pride on the Lambo owner's part, that they they have to set up a two-out-of-three type deal.

I mean, this isn't a Lamborghini you keep stashed in the garage. Not if the owner hopes to keep bringing it out to car shows, anyway. Nope, there at least has to be a Round 2 to this massacre. Maybe they can even rent out a drag strip for the occasion. That's a sequel we'd absolutely be interested in tuning in for.

This post was originally published on March 5, 2019.


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