EcoJet Jay Leno's Garage YouTube: Jay Leno's Garage

On his show Jay Leno’s Garage, former Tonight Show host Jay Leno spends each episode focusing on at least one exceptional specimen from his ridiculous collection of vintage rides and souped-up luxury cars.

In a episode he shot back in 2016 with renowned physicist Neil Degrasse Tyson, Leno really pulled out all the stops when he took his almost over-the-top EcoJet for a spin.

Built in partnership with General Motors and Honeywell, Leno’s EcoJet has 650 hp and is powered by an LTS-101 turbine jet engine normally reserved for United States military attack helicopters.

Converted to run on biofuel diesel, the EcoJet looks like a Ferrari and a modern day Cadillac had a baby, but Jay promises Dr. Tyson this thing is all muscle and has blisteringly fast speed levels. So, fast, in fact, it might do a bit more harm than good.

Can you even imagine being behind the wheel of this thing? What a machine!

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