harley burnout drift wheelie video
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Harley Rider Drifts, Burnouts, and Wheelies in Epic Video



Stunt riding is a hobby that numerous motorcycle riders have fallen in love with. It takes a lot of seat time to get comfortable doing stunts like wheelies and burnouts, and you may even bite the dust a few times in the process. However, if you put in the time, you'll find yourself developing extreme control over your motorcycle.

Just to be clear, doing stunts on a lightweight sport bike or dirt bike is one thing, but being able to handle an 800-pound Harley Road Glide in the same manor is a whole different story. This rider shows everyone exactly what he's capable of on this beast of a bike. In a big group ride like this one, the best riders always stick to the front of the pack, but this Harley rider definitely took over as the star of the show.

From the very beginning, he can be seen doing rolling burnouts and swinging from one end of the road to the other, leaving a black rubber trail and a cloud of wide tire smoke behind him. He drifts around curves and navigates through the pack of riders, all while still maintaining his burnout. Not only that, but he pops the front wheel up and wheelies this bike as if it was a lightweight 250.


This isn't just a power wheelie, either. He takes it back so far that he scrapes the rear fender, and casually cruises around at the balance point. He can be seen purposely swerving, riding with one hand, and doing knee knockers, all while the front wheel is in the air. It's safe to say this guy knows what he's doing.

I have to give my respect to this rider. Towards the end of the video, there's a slow-motion clip of a rolling burnout, and the rider just makes this look way too easy. Although I would've loved to hear the sound of this bike, this compilation video was pretty insane.

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