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What we have here is a tale as old as time. A biker who’s way too confident in his riding ability and tries to pull off a crazy motorcycle stunt, a second, more sensible rider who’s more than happy to film his buddy’s stunt attempt, and an end result that can only be described as disastrous.

For this particular iteration of that classic narrative, we’ve got a biker who thinks he’s got enough skill to pull off a stand up wheelie on his back wheel. At first, it actually looks like the guy will come away victorious, but he ends up holding the wheelie for too long and comes back down to the ground with zero control. This causes his bike to jerk all around like a drunk gazelle, and he ends up wiping out hard on the pavement.

The biker was only wearing a T-shirt and shorts during the crash, so he’s lucky he only walked away with some road rash. This could’ve end way, way worse.

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Now, when it comes to having the proper motorcycle safety equipment, this guy wasn’t very sufficiently prepared. Fortunately, there’s plenty of motorcycle equipment available for purchase online, so the next time he decides to hit the road, he’ll be in a much better spot. The Phoenix Ion Men’s Mesh Motorcycle Jacket from Joe Rocket is a good place to start. You won’t get any road rash while wearing this thing, that’s for damn sure.

mesh motorcycle jacket

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If you’re inclined to go high speeds on your bike, these Motorcycle Knee & Elbow Guards from SCOYCO probably wouldn’t hurt either. Specially designed for top-notch protection, breathability, and flexibility, these guards will make sure you don’t get yourself all scraped up should you, God forbid, find yourself on the wrong end of a motorcycle crash.

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Finally, having a sturdy and comfortable helmet is paramount if you want to have the best riding experience possible. There are plenty of quality helmets on the market, like this Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet from ILM.


With two visors and neck scarf for winter riding, this helmet is designed with peak aerodynamic functionality in mind and is made out of a lightweight material that will keep you protected in any and all conditions.

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This post was first published on April 8, 2019.

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