guy straps fireworks to motorcycle
YouTube: Dankwheelie

Florida Motorcyclist Straps Fireworks to His Bike for Epic Light Show


Motorcycle stunt riders are the kind of people that aren't scared to just go for it. They put fear on the back burner and cruise around on one wheel comfortably. Even though there are tons of stunt riders out there, YouTuber Dankwheelie is one of the more popular ones. When he strapped these fireworks to his motorcycle for the 4th of July, it resulted in a seriously cool and crazy video!

Now, if you take a look, he mounts these fireworks onto his bike by simply taking a bunch of duct tape and masking tape to secure them to the front. Maybe that's not the most ideal way to do that, but it never fell off, which I was pretty surprised about. Not only was he planning to be riding when the fireworks went off, but he wanted to be doing a wheelie! Which makes sense, I guess. His name is Dankwheelie after all.

Once he and his crew are ready, the Florida riders take off to their location. They stop on the side of the road to light the first fuse, and that's when the action all starts. If you've ever lit these types of fireworks, you know that the sparks that come from the burning fuses are pretty big. Mix that with about a 40 MPH speed, and these riders definitely get a face full of sparks. That didn't seem to bother them, though, as they pop the front wheel up and shoot the fireworks straight into the air while in a wheelie in this glorious display.


The plan works flawlessly and each of the riders nails their fireworks stunt perfectly. With all the smoke and sparks, I'm surprised these riders could even see where they were going! You can also see in the video that there are tons of Florida drivers just passing them during the stunt as if nothing is even happening. I'm pretty sure if that were me driving next to them, I'd have to slow down and see all this madness unfold. But, then again, they're in Florida, and I'm sure this is nowhere near the craziest thing these people have seen before.

Take a look at the wild video for yourself, but I'd have to say this was pretty successful overall. It should go without saying, but these people are basically professional riders, so don't go trying this at home and think you'll get the same result. It's clearly pretty dangerous, especially on a public roadway with other cars around. Luckily, they get their content without anyone getting hurt.

This post was originally published on May 13, 2020.

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