EZRaider HD4
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This Electric All-Terrain Vehicle Offers Way More Than Your Average Scooter


The EZRaider HD4 is more than an ATV. It is an off-road electric scooter, ATV, and terrain-riding beast rolled into one mean machine. If Elon Musk had grown up in the country, he would have designed the HD4. The electric-powered all-terrain vehicle looks like it came straight out of Mad Max.

The HD4 has gotten a co-sign from one of the biggest organizations in the world: the United States Armed Forces. The EZRaider passed a Special Forces evaluation test with flying colors, so this thing is battle-tested by some of the hardest, most capable people on Earth. The appeal of the EZRaider HD4 is that this technological marvel gives riders complete control through rough terrain. Aside from being able to withstand extreme conditions, the driving range this thing gets on a single charge is insane.

The folks that invented this electric vehicle call it "the most capable off-road platform in the world," and the video footage below shows that this baby can walk the walk. The short video shows the Electric Future YouTube channel reviewer having the time of his life testing out this absolute monster.


How Does the EZRaider HD4 Work?

The HD4 is powered by a 3000 W/h 60-volt battery pack. The four-wheel drive system keeps the massive power equally distributed even at top speed. Its four independent brushless hub motors allow this off-road vehicle to tackle the most treacherous rocky terrain. The reviewer classifies it as a "rideable Mars rover." The electric vehicle's horsepower is transferred magnetically between the stator and rotor of the electric motor. Imagine taking on some sand dunes in this thing!

To turn, users must shift their weight as if the HD4 were a skateboard, and use the handlebars to steer. The 22x7-10 tires are so tough that the HD4 can even climb steps! Even though chances are you won't get stuck thanks to these monster tires, the electric vehicle is primed for maneuverability, including dual-piston calipers on each wheel for quick stops. This heavy-duty beast really moves, as the HD4 can reach speeds of 28 MPH.

Not only is the HD4 fast, but it also offers 10 inches of ground clearance to ensure the smoothest ride possible. To put the icing on the cake, this unique design make also features foldability to make transportation as convenient as possible. Much more expensive than its predecessors the EZRaider HD2 and DSraider, the EZRaider HD4 will run you over $19,000. A hefty price tag indeed, but once you purchase one you can rest assured, it'll last.

This post was originally published on March 25, 2021.


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