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Clint Bowyer Crushes Dale Jr. in Shotgunning Beer


When it comes to NASCAR accomplishments, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has Clint Bowyer beat. Junior has more Cup Series wins (26 to Bowyer's 10), more Xfinity Series wins (24 to Bowyer's 8), and more Most Popular Driver awards (15 to Bowyer's big ol' goose egg).

But, when it comes to shotgunning beers, Clint Bowyer is the master.

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Back in 2019, to celebrate NASCAR's off week ahead of race weekend at Talladega, Bowyer, his wife Lorra, and their two kids, Cash and Presley, (the Bowyers are clearly massive country music fans) headed to Turks and Caicos with Kyle Larson and his family.


Being the legendary partier that he is, the driver of the No. 14 Ford Mustang for Stewart-Haas Racing had hoped to get the party going a little bit early by trying to take Earnhardt up on his offer to shotgun a beer during a recording of the Dale Jr. Download. To Bowyer's dismay, Dale Jr. was just joking.

Once the Bowyers and the Larsons arrived in paradise, Clint finally got a chance to shotgun that beer. Joined by Kyle's wife, Katelyn, Clint called Junior out: "Hey, Junior! Finally found somebody man enough to shotgun a beer with me because you wouldn't on that radio deal we were doing. Thanks a lot."

He then proceeded to smash a beer in less than three seconds, living up to his name as the ultimate partier.

To his credit, Dale Jr. did respond to Clint's challenge with a shotgunning video of his own, but well, it wasn't quite as good.


Don't sweat it, Junior. You can't win 'em all. But, maybe next time you decide to shotgun a beer on camera, you should make sure you finish it. Definitely heard some spillage at the end there.

This post was originally published on April 18, 2019.

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