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Biker Threatens Kid Wearing "Sons of Anarchy" Vest


Ever since the Hells Angels first burst onto the scene in the late '40s, bikers and the culture surrounding them haven't had the most glowing of reputations in society. Sure, not every biker club is out there committing crimes, and some actually do a lot of good for the community. But, all in all, a lot of people associate bikers with the violent gangs portrayed on popular shows like Sons of Anarchy.

Of course, this sort of biker stereotype isn't as apparent today as it used to be, but you wouldn't know that after watching the above incident that went down at a Emmett, Idaho gas station back in 2016. What we have in this video is two motorcycle enthusiasts on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. One is a guy who enjoys casually riding his Harley and wears a Sons of Anarchy vest that his girlfriend got him. The other is a wannabe tough guy who thinks that the kid should take off the vest, because "a lot of people died to wear patches on the back of their vest."

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What. A. Hardass. Thinking he's making some sort of important stand, the guy films his encounter with the SOA vest-wearing kid, bullying him into eventually taking it off. Before letting the dude eventually go on his way, the douchebag behind the camera throws out such ridiculous lines as "I should take it from you right now, but it's the middle of the daytime," and "You might be a respectable guy, but putting that on is a disrespectful move when people are on motorcycles."

Oh, and then there's this doozy: "I'm gonna give you your one warning. At least that way you know, if someone does stop you and you get your fucking face kicked in, at least now you know why."

Hey, thanks for the FYI, pal. You're a true American hero.

This post was originally published on May 22, 2019.


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