It took four cars to modernize this classic Caddy Jay Leno's Garage / Youtube

This awesome custom 1948 Cadillac Fastback Coupe is the perfect restomod, but such a creation does not come together easily. This one car took four cars to make: Two ’48 Fastback Coupes and two modern ATS-V’s, one of which was fresh off the showroom floor. 464 horsepower from the modern ATS-V Turbo V6 makes this car, nicknamed the “Madam V,” more than just a show car.

This was created by the Ring Brothers who are known for the highest quality restomods. The award winning Caddy has all the features of a modern Caddilac, including the infotainment center, rear camera, Push-to-Start, rain-sensing wipers and OnStar.

It took some cheating to fool the ECU into accepting some of the changes, namely the removal of the side airbags and rewiring taillights, but the result is all the conveniences and power of a modern car with the timeless beauty of the 40’s.

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