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4 Cars Were Used to Mod This '48 Cadillac

This awesome custom 1948 Cadillac Fastback Coupe is the perfect restomod, but such a creation does not come together easily. As you can see from this episode of Jay Leno's Garage, this one car took four cars to make: Two '48 Fastback Coupes and two modern ATS-V's, one of which was fresh off the showroom floor.

464 horsepower from the modern ATS-V Turbo V6 makes this car, nicknamed the "Madam V," more than just a show car.

This award-winning Caddy was created by the Ring Brothers, who are known for the highest quality restomods. Just take a look at some of the specs on this thing, and you'll be even more jealous of Jay for having yet another ridiculously awesome car in his garage.

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Per Motor 1:

Because of the ATS' unibody chassis, the builders weren't able to just lift the body off the modern vehicle and place the old-school example on top. Instead, they tweaked the ATS' underpinnings to the right dimensions, including pushing the front wheels forward 16 inches, and then grafted on the vintage panels. However, even that process required a ton of work like rebuilding many parts in carbon fiber. Despite such extensive modifications, Ringbrothers was able to retain the entire ATS-V 3.6-liter biturbo V6 drivetrain, interior, and even features like the rain-sensing wipers.

It took some cheating to fool the ECU into accepting some of the changes, namely the removal of the side airbags and rewiring taillights, but the result is all the conveniences and power of a modern car with the timeless beauty of the '40s.

This post was originally published on March 28, 2017.

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