Every now and again, an American auto company just absolutely friggin’ nails a sports car, and then names it after a snake. Because, duh, do it for Dale!

The Dodge Viper was the brainchild of Tom Gale, who worked as an engineer at Chrysler until 2000 and presented such concept cars as the 1993 Chrysler Thunderbolt, 1995 Atlantic, and 1997 Phaeton. Oh, and he’s also the guy who designed the Diablo. That means that one man designed a devil and a snake car. That’s boss level, book of Genesis type stuff right there. If there is a god, his name is Tom.

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Going through a number of different variants like the SRT, ACR, and GTS-R, the Viper had a 25-year run, if you don’t count the random times Chrysler was all like, “Our car is super popular and awesome. We should pull it from production, so no one can buy it.” You’ve got one job, Chrysler. It’s making Vipers. You should be doing nothing else! Get it together!

Anyway, the car saw a huge evolution from bare bones death machine to something that actually bordered on the luxury side of things, but with just so much power. The Viper is the car every ’90s child still dreams about. Hopefully, 2017 was just the start of another hiatus and not the end for the snake car. It’s not likely that it comes back, but hey, we can dream can’t we?

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