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Kyle Busch Supports Wearing Masks to "Take Care of Our Neighbor"


We're now several months into the deadly coronavirus pandemic, and as the reopening process continues to move along, there are still a number of precautions that are being enforced to ease everyone back into business as usual. One of these major precautions is wearing masks in public, and most places of businesses require them. However, not everyone is completely onboard with following these requirements.

Now, while Kyle Busch doesn't usually comment on things not related to NASCAR, he felt compelled to insert himself into the mask-wearing debate late last weekend.


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It all started on Sunday, after Busch retweeted a photo from South Alabama Speedway in Ozark, Alabama, which shows a packed grandstand and few people wearing masks. In a follow-up tweet, Busch wrote, "What I am a huge fan of is people going and supporting their local short tracks! I've seen pictures from a few tracks this weekend. However I do think healthier practices should b used. Mandatory mask for admission."

After winning Monday night's NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Busch further clarified his comments.


"When all this kind of went down, much of it was spoken about masks, whatnot and everything else," Busch said. "With where we're at to today, people are saying that masks don't mean anything. I still think there's a sense of human hygiene and taking care of your neighbor. I think there is something to that."

"You go to a race track and you cough because you get water down the wrong pipe or whatever it might be, or if you sneeze or whatever, at least you are keeping some of that to yourself rather than just spraying, right? I think there is something to that. Obviously, I know that masks aren't going to really cover up any virus. But we're all doing what we can as far as social distancing. If we can't do that, you try to wear a mask."

"I saw the grandstands packed and just figured, 'hey, you know, we all can take care of our neighbor.' That's just kind of my idea. It's arguable whether or not they really work. I just think it's common courtesy."

Under NASCAR's health plans, all competitors and track attendees are required to wear face coverings and anyone not following these COVID-19 guidelines is subject to a fine of up to $50,000.


Interesting enough, Busch was seen having a pit road heart-to-heart with Chase Elliott following Sunday night's Coca-Cola 600, and neither drivers were wearing masks. Talk about a classic do-what-I-say-and-not-what-I-do moment.

Though, with Elliott having a tough go at both Sunday's race and Wednesday's Toyota 500 at Darlington Raceway (due to Busch himself wrecking him out), protocol was probably the last thing on either driver's minds.

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