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You’d think that in 2019, everyone could agree that on July 20, 1969, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon for the first time. But, since we can’t have nice things, there are actually two camps when it comes to the Moon landing: those who believe that it happened when the history books say it did and those who believe that it was all just some giant conspiracy orchestrated by the U.S. government and Stanley Kubrick.

At some point, a factual occurrence turned into a hot-button issue, with everyone from NBA players to politicians weighing in on it.

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During the Daytona 500 media day on Wednesday, the folks over at For the Win were thankfully there to ask the important questions and asked some of your favorite NASCAR drivers if they thought the 1969 moon landing was real or staged.

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“Absolutely, we landed on the moon,” Jimmie Johnson said, while Joey Logano was quick to back him up.

“Of course we landed on the moon,” Logano said. “How would you fake it?”

The 2018 NASCAR Cup Series champion definitely posed a fair question, though Ryan Blaney thinks it would’ve been easy to fake.

“Easy to fake that,” Blaney said. “You get a studio. It’s pretty easy. I know it was 1969, but you could figure it out. They have studios, they know how to make movies, but I don’t know. No one will ever know if we actually did or not, except for Mr. Buzz Aldrin.”

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Other pro 1969 Moon landing drivers included Martin Truex Jr., Clint Bowyer, and Chase Elliott (who added that the Earth is, in fact, not flat).

Kyle Busch, not too shockingly, sided with the skeptical camp.

“I don’t think we landed on the moon in 1969,” Busch said. “Technology was not there, there’s no way. We’ve been there by now, but I don’t think we were there in ’69.”

Interestingly enough, Rowdy’s hot take falls in pretty stark contrast to what Kyle’s older brother Kurt believes went down.

“I think we did, yes,” Kurt Busch said. “My (late) grandma had the newspaper from the Chicago Tribune from 1969. I framed it, and it’s up in one of my spare bedrooms. I thought it was cool. it was found in one of her boxes of old newspapers.”

“I found that one to be the most important or significant. Not saying we landed on the moon — no I’m just kidding!”

Kurt should probably show that old newspaper clipping to Kyle sometime, and, while’s he’s at it, show it to Kyle Larson and Brad Keselowski as well, since they both weren’t entirely convinced that the 1969 Moon landing was legit.

I know he’s not an active driver anymore, but I wonder what Dale Earnhardt Jr. thinks about the moon landing. Considering that he has some interesting takes when it comes to paranormal activity, a moon landing conspiracy probably isn’t the weirdest thing that Dale Jr. could believe in.

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