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Racer Throws Helmet at Car in Post-Wreck Meltdown


It's not often you see on-the-track meltdowns like the one that went down at this Legends racing event back in June 2018. When race car drivers get mad and decide to vent their frustrations on another driver, usually they do so on the infield. You know, far away from all the other cars whizzing past them. Here's one racer who took his anger and unleashed right in the middle of the damn track!

The specific meltdown we're talking about, which culminated in a driver throwing his helmet at a rival race, happened during a race in the Cabarrus Brewing Company Masters division during the 25th anniversary of the Bojangles Summer Shootout at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

According to Racing News, the craziness started after a lap restart with 10 laps to go in the race, which quickly resulted in driver Robby Faggart making some contact with Johnny Sossoman's race car and causing him to spin out.


Johnny didn't appreciate the contact all that much, so he reacted by throwing off his gloves on the race track and shattering his helmet before chucking it at the back of Faggart's race car. Yeah, as you could probably see, cooler heads did not prevail in this scenario.

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Sossoman's tantrum ended up costing him, as he placed dead last out of 11, while Faggart placed 6th. In case you're interested (we guessing you're probably mostly just here to watch the crazy helmet-chucking video), here's a full look at the results for the 23-lap race.

1. Carl Cormier


2. Todd Midas

3. Mark Green;

4. Jan Ingram

5. Chip Ferguson


6. Robby Faggart

7. Rodney Tharp

8. Bruce Silver

9. Charles Parker


10. Dwayne Halder

11. John Sossoman

This post was originally published on June 22, 2018.

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