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NASCAR Drivers Go Head-to-Head in Bad Joke Telling Contest


Whatever you're doing, just take a break and check out the clip above. Despite the fact that these are some of the corniest jokes ever told, they're enough to make you at least crack a smile. Even further, YouTube channel Whistle turned this into a battle between NASCAR drivers. The first one to laugh, loses. Let the games begin!

For the first round, they matched up Bubba Wallace against Chase Elliott. They both managed to get one joke in while remaining strong. However, as Wallace told his second joke, it was enough to get through to Elliott. I don't want to spoil the clip too much, so you'll have to watch and see what that joke actually was, but trust me: It's pretty bad.

For the second matchup, they paired Alex Bowman with Ricky Stenhouse. I'll be honest, both of them kept their game face on for this one, but in the end, Ricky pulls off the dub.


For the third and final pairing, both Jimmie Johnson and William Byron came equipped with some of their best (of the worst) jokes. Byron certainly tried, but he was no match compared to what Johnson was bringing to the table. Jimmie easily won the round, and it's clear that he's still as much of a competitor off the track as he was on it.

It's great to see these guys loosen up during their free time, not to mention definitely entertaining to see which of them are natural dad-jokers and which ones cracked under pressure.

Enjoy this gem of a video, because it's got potential to really brighten your day. Bad jokes tend to turn into the funniest jokes on most occasions, and this is no exception to that. Overall, I'm pretty impressed with all of the jokes that these drivers pulled out of their sleeves for this hilarious contest.

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