25 Groan-Inducing Car Puns to Brighten Your Day

Considering everything that's going on in the world these days, we could all use a good laugh or two. So, what better way to give us a happy distraction than some funny car jokes? Vehicles bring us happiness, and who doesn't love some quality dad jokes relating to the topic?

Take a break from 2020 and look at some of these groan-inducing puns. Just try and tell me that they don't make you chuckle, even just a little bit. Whether you drive a truck, car, SUV, or electric vehicle, you're bound to find one you like below.

25 Hilarious Car Puns

1. What happens to a frog's car when it breaks down?

It gets toad.

2. How is a golf ball different from a Chevy?

You can drive a golf ball 200 yards.

3. Did you hear about the Tesla owner in Jail?

He was charged with battery.

4. Why are pigs bad drivers?

They hog the whole road.

5. What do you get when dinosaurs crash their cars?

Tyrannosaurus wrecks.

6. What did the traffic light say to the car?

Don't look! I'm changing.

7. When the musician got in a car accident, his guitar was destroyed..

It was a real fender bender.

8. What do you get when you put a car and a pet together?

A carpet.

9. What kind of car does Yoda drive?

A Toyoda.

10. What kind of snake is found on a car?

A windshield viper.

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11. Where do Volkswagens go when they get old?

To an old Volk's home.

12. Who can drive all their customers away and still make money?

A taxi driver.

13. Why can't motorcycles hold themselves up?

It was two-tired.

14. Who is Kia's main competitor?


15. What happens when you leave your ADHD medication in your Ford Fiesta?

It turns into a Ford Focus.

16. What kind of cars do cooks drive?


17. Why do chicken coops have only two doors?

If it had four doors, it'd be a chicken sedan.

18. Did you hear the city is thinking about hosting an electric car event downtown?

I just don't think they'll be able to find enough capacity.

19. What can you always assume when buying a used BMW?

The turn signal will be in like-new condition.

20. What do you call a used car salesman?

A car-deal-ologist.

21. What has 10 letters and starts with G-A-S?


22. How do you tie two Hondas together?

With Accord.

23. I couldn't figure out how the seatbelt worked..

Then it just clicked.

24. What did the cowboy say when he walked into the German car dealership?


25. What happens if you rear-end a Subaru?

You'll be seeing stars.

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