scotty kilmer YouTube: Scotty Kilmer
YouTube: Scotty Kilmer

If you haven’t heard of Scotty Kilmer yet, you are about to! The YouTuber and auto mechanic has been producing content for well over a decade now, having gathered over 2.8 million YouTube subscribers. In addition, his YouTube videos have received over 208 million views. He’s been in the automotive business for almost three decades, and his fans are as loyal as anybody. You’ll hear him before you see him, this is Scotty Kilmer.

Who Is Scotty Kilmer?

Scotty Kilmer is an extremely popular YouTube personality specializing in car repair, car maintenance, and DIY. His YouTube channel’s car repair videos have helped millions avoid a trip to the auto mechanic (but he also recognizes the importance of experts). Before he was an Emmy-winning YouTube personality and author, he was an auto mechanic himself. These days, he’s been in auto repair for about three decades. He was also a host on the CBS show Car Talk.

Scotty is loved by his fans for his goofy, upbeat, loud approach to car talk. He recommends vehicles that are good for DIY projects, favoriting automakers like Toyota and Honda. Scotty is also very proud of his son, who served in the U.S. Army.

Where Does Scotty Kilmer Live?

Scotty lives in Houston, Texas, where we assume his neighbors are preparing to move. If you’re interested in getting to know Scotty, he threw up this… helpful…YouTube video several years ago.

How to Ask Scotty Kilmer a Question

You can ask Scotty car questions by visiting his Google Plus page at Auto Repair with Scotty Kilmer. If you scroll down on the page, you should see a tab to Ask Scotty Questions on the left side of the page. If you have any car problems that need fixing, that’s the place to go. Though you might want to take his automotive channel’s advice with a grain of salt, as there’s been some backlash for misuse of products and incorrect information in his videos. But, hey, you can’t trust everything you see on the Internet.


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