rip chair 2.0 YouTube: Howe & Howe
YouTube: Howe & Howe

If you currently use a wheelchair or have ever had to use one, you know how difficult it can be to get from place to place. Having a chair equipped for maximum durability and maneuverability is paramount. But, several years back, one company went above and beyond the parameters of your average wheelchair and created a machine that you wouldn’t see at your average WalMart or Walgreens. Simply put, this thing is an off-roading beast.

Built by Howe and Howe Technologies, the Rip Chair 2.0 lets wheelchair-bound outdoorsmen go places that their regular chair can’t quite get to. The Rip Chair’s state-of-the-art track system works with a user’s existing chair for an incredible experience that doesn’t require any awkward movement from one chair to another. In the below video, we get to see the Rip Chair in action, as one guy goes on a hunting and fishing trip and accomplishes everything by himself, including a deer harvest. It’s no wonder they called this thing the Rip Chair, because it absolutely RIPS.

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These days, Howe and Howe has moved on to the Rip Chair 3.0, which boasts such features as “right or left handed electronic controls, lighting packages and add-ons for your recreational pleasure such as fishing pole holders and rifle rests.” If you visit the website (, you can even customize your chair to fit your own specifications.

As one user describes the Rip Chair in a testimonial: “It’s hard to explain the feeling of liberation, the feeling of freedom, and the feeling of YES LIFE when you’re someplace that has provided so much meaning, so much foundation, and so much happiness that you’ve been missing for years.”

Enough said!

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This post was originally published on February 28, 2017.

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