If you’re all about that off-road life, you probably know that with the excitement of taking on different types of terrain comes the risk of getting yourself stuck. A good old-fashioned winch will usually do a decent job of getting you out of those sticky situations, but not everyone wants to deal with some of the hassles of a traditional winch system. That’s where the Bush Winch can come into play.

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As The Drive points out, the Bush Winch can be used on just about any vehicle and is about as intuitive as it gets.

Per The Drive:

Designed to easily attach to the wheel bolts of any vehicle (2WD, 4WD or AWD), the Bush Winch uses the vehicle’s drivetrain to pull itself out of any hairy situation. As you can see in the video below, the Bush Winch depends on an anchor point and a solid connection to any wheel on the vehicle. Once hooked up, operators lightly get on the gas to cause the winch to spool up the rope.

When angled correctly, the Bush Winch appears to pull the vehicle forward without any sense of dragging or frame damage. The $435 device can winch 14,765 pounds when using the high-strength rope and and multiple anchor points thanks to the use of a bridle kit. The bridle kit essentially removes the worry of pulling from one side an possibly messing up the alignment.

You can check out the video up top to see this thing in action. As one YouTube commenter puts it, “It’s so stupid, it’s absolutely brilliant!” Maybe not the first slogan that the makers of the Bush Winch would’ve gone with, but hey, it gets the point across.

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