jeep with no clutch rescue
YouTube: Matt's Off Road Recovery

Off-Road Recovery Crew Rescues Jeep With No Clutch


Off-roading your Jeep is a great way to spend the weekend. That is, until you break down in the middle of nowhere. It's never ideal, but it does happen from time to time when you're out there wheeling. Last month, Matt's Off Road Recovery uploaded a new video of a Jeep that lost its clutch, and their rescue attempts to get it out of there.

If you ever encounter a problem in Utah, Matt is the guy to call. He's got tons of videos on his channel showing him helping people out of sticky situations. As they showed up to the abandoned Jeep, they quickly get the tow strap set and begin pulling it through the back country. The plan started off pretty strong, but they had to pull the Jeep seven miles just to get it back to civilization, and they certainly ran into an issue along the way.

The crew came up on a long sandy stretch of trail, and it became much harder to tow the broken vehicle. Even with momentum, the tow Jeep would end up spinning its tires and digging into the sand. After a few failed attempts to keep it moving forward, Matt decides to let the air out of the tires on the Jeep that's getting towed. It was pretty astounding to see the difference that it made when he decided to give the tow another attempt. This Jeep started rolling along perfectly, and it allowed them to finish up dragging it out of the desert.


I have to say, this looks like it would be a pretty fun job to have, especially if you love four-wheeling. Compared to many of his other rescues, this one was a cake walk. No matter what an off-roader has dug their vehicle into, Matt can normally find some way to get it out. It's always good to have a rescue team ready to call when you take your off-road rig into no-mans land.

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