Biker Zipper Merge Justice
YouTube: CrashTestDave

Biker Dishes Out Sweet Justice After Woman Cuts Him Off

If you're more comfortable on two wheels than four, then you know all about what happens on the open road. Basically, drivers in passenger vehicles haul ass around you on the highway and stop at nothing to allow you to pass them. When merging, motorcyclists are more likely to get run off the road by a careless motorist by no fault of their own; those "Look Twice, Save a Life" stickers actually mean something, you know.

In helmet cam video captured by YouTube user CrashTestDave, he's obeying traffic laws on his motorcycle when a zipper merge approaches. From his right, a woman driving a gray Honda pulls alongside him -- you know, doing everything in her power NOT to look. The motorcyclist begins honking and waving, trying to get her attention that, yes, he's right there, but to no avail. She refuses to pull back and merge properly before reaching the stop sign ahead.

That's when the motorcyclist's sweet justice begins.

Taking note of her license plate, he suddenly sees a police cruiser parked in an adjacent lot. He waves, pulls in and approaches, then telling the officer that he was nearly run off the road and has it all on video.

"Stay behind me." The chase was on.

A few moments later, the duo comes up on the woman, evidence in hand.

This woman was either not paying attention or was deliberately acting like a jackass when she failed to realize how zipper merges work and nearly took him out. It's unclear if the police officer gave her a ticket or not, but one thing is certain: she hopefully gets a lesson in driving so that these potential accidents don't happen again.

This article was originally published June 29, 2016.

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