Woman Arrested for Drunken Hit-and-Run Spree Faces Nearly 50 (!) Criminal Violations

When it comes to committing crimes, Paige Tomczak's motto seems to be "Go big or go home." Well, after the 23-year-old Delaware native's drunken hit-and-run spree, she didn't go home. She went to jail. And, now, Tomczak faces 48 different criminal violations (yep, you read that right. 48.), including second-degree assault, drug possession, and reckless driving.


Court documents accuse Tomczak of striking one car while driving the wrong way on a highway. One person was hurt. Police say Tomczak tried to run, but witnesses confronted her. A fight broke out and officers arrested Tomczak. Investigators say she also kicked a responder.

Police say they found drugs, paraphernalia, alcohol and a knife in the car.

Documents say Tomczak's blood alcohol concentration was three times the legal limit.

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If you read one Ocean City police officer's write-up of the wild incident, you'll see that Tomczak definitely caused a scene on the Maryland highway.

"Large parts and debris from Tomczak's Ford Focus were strewn on and may have damaged other vehicles, as debris flew across all four lanes of Coastal Highway at 76th Street, which I later observed while driving north on the highway," the officer writes in the charging documents.

"Tomczak was northbound on Coastal Highway at 81st Street, where she crossed the center of the intersection to begin traveling northbound in the southbound travel lanes of Coastal Highway, where victim two had the right of way."

Even after seriously damaging her Focus in the second crash, which injured the driver, Tomczak kept driving until she reached a parking lot off the Coastal Highway. As you already know, her attempt to make a run for it afterwards didn't go too well.

Thank God this lady's off the road. At least for now.

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