Dog attacks car in Georgia via YouTube

Georgia Woman Says She Got Death Threats After Video of Pit Bull Destroying Car Went Viral


The owner of a car that was destroyed by a dog says she's getting death threats after she posted a video where she can be heard asking police to shoot the animal.

Video of the dog tearing into the front quarter panel and bumper has gone viral with over 10 million views. In it, you can hear Dalton, Georgia resident, Jessica Dilallo implore a police officer to throw a rock or a stick as she watched the dog try and rip the plastic panel off. Then Dilallo took it a step further.

"You could shoot him. Let me ask a question. If I go out and get a gun and purchase it and everything could I have shot him legally? Why not?" Dilallo asks the officer in the video. "He's destroying my property. Why would I not be able to shoot him?"


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Dilallo can clearly be heard getting more upset as the police officer explains there's nothing he can do. The Miami Herald reports the officer didn't want to do anything that would anger the dog and cause it to turn its attack on people. Dilallo says ever since the video first got posted to Facebook, she's received multiple death threats.

"I'm like the most hated person right now because I said I wanted to shoot the dog," Dilallo says. "But I still stand by that. Some of the messages say they're going to come find me and shoot me, telling me if I can't afford a $500 deductible and I have a new car, then I'm living beyond my means, and that I'm white trash."

The dog, named Red, was apparently trying to get to two cats that were hiding under the hood of Dilallo's car. The owner of the dog said he will pay for the damage.


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