Man Hit by Lorry

Man Tries Saving Dog on the Road, but Ends up Seriously Regretting It

Karma. Paying it forward. What goes around comes around. These types of ideas span different cultures and religions around the world, and all come down to a person's ultimate fate. Basically, if you do good things, then good things will happen to you. If you do bad things, bad things will happen to you.

Of course, this line of thinking doesn't hold true all of the time. Take this incident from out of China, for example. In the video below, a man is shown trying to do a good deed by attempting to save a dog who was struggling to cross a busy street. The man's reward? Getting hit square in the body by a passing truck.

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Per Rumble/Newsflare:

The dramatic clip, shot in Wuxi City in eastern Jiangsu Province on July 23, shows a black dog struggling to make it over at the zebra crossing, before finally falling down in the middle of the road.

Then a man in an orange T-shirt can be seen running to the dog, while raising his hand up to gesture the lorry driver to stop.

However, the lorry keeps going as the driver doesn't see him. It crashes into the man and runs over his leg, after he picked up the dog and was walking back.

According to local reports, the driver in the overloaded lorry did not see the man because he was in the driver's blind spot.

Wow. That did not look like it felt good at all. I guess that's what you get for automatically assuming that all vehicles will stop at a crosswalk.

Here's hoping both the man and the dog ended up being okay in the end and that some better karma is coming their way.

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