Cop Falls Off Motorcycle

This New York City Cop Who Tried Confiscating a Dirtbike Probably Wishes That He Hadn't


*Record Scratch* *Freeze Frame* "Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation."

What seems like the beginning of one of those awkward coming-of-age movies is actually the moment the New York City police officer in the above picture realized he was about to go viral on social media. And not the good kind of viral.

This unfortunate officer of the law (who's definitely not a motorcycle cop) became the target of quite a decent amount of ridicule, both in person and on the internet, after he tried confiscating a dirtbike and proceeded to fall off said dirtbike.


According to the video's uploader, here's how everything went down.

Per Rumble:

The cops had arrested my friend took his bike. As they were taking it one the cops were all too happy to take the bike and try to ride it to the precinct. Meanwhile, the cop looked like he didn't know how to ride the bike. He started riding it he gave it the whiskey throttle and the bike went up and the cop fell on his face. Ended up being embarrassed and had to go to the hospital after.

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I remember my first time on a mini bike. But seriously, it's a good thing, considering the circumstances, that the cop only escaped with minor injuries that you could easily treat with a first aid kit. Not to mention that there was quite a lot of on-the-street hoopla immediately following the wipeout that could have gone in a dangerous direction.


All things considered, he handled the embarrassing situation pretty well. Let's just hope he learned his lesson and gets assistance from a fellow officer the next time a motorcycle needs confiscating.

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