After latest DUI bust, this man has now been arrested more times than a month has days Boulder County Sheriff's office

Meet Joshua Richardson.

Police call him a “habitual traffic offender.” That may be under selling his accomplishments.

Richardson, 47, was arrested on a suspicion of DUI, which isn’t that unusual. But the Denver Post did a little more digging, and found that Richardson has a fondness for the inside of a jail cell. According to the Post:

  • He has eight alcohol related convictions
  • He’s been arrested 43 times
  • Authorities have labeled him a “habitual traffic offender.”
  • He has a slew of other convictions, including careless driving, assault, obstruction, cruelty to animals,  and false reporting.

In the latest incident, authorities say Richardson struck a shed, fence and house. He was faces a felony charge of  DUI after three or more convictions along with several other traffic charges.

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